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Au Revoir Simone

—Somebody Who


Au Revoir Simone - Somebody Who

… wanna zigazig ha!

 wanna zigazig ha!

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Paul Simon

—Peace Like a River


Peace Like A River by Paul Simon

The Hours 2002 | Philip Glass [inspired by x]

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Fleet Foxes


and you will go to mykonos,
with a vision of a gentle coast,
and a sun to maybe dissipate,
shadows of the mess you made…

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The Weight - Aretha Franklin and Duane Allman

Careful, this one gets a little dirty with a bit of nasty guitar and horns… 

Henry Green

—Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

First Aid Kit

—Stay Gold


This is the title track from First Aid Kit’s newest album, Stay Gold. It’s their biggest, most ambitious album yet, and it might just be their best as well.