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Alabama Shakes

—Hold On


Bless my heart, bless my soul

Didn’t think i’d make it to 22 years old

The National

—You Were A Kindness

I’ll do what I can to be a confident wreck,
can’t feel this way forever I mean
There wasn’t any way for anyone to settle in,
you made a slow disaster out of me

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Lera Lynn

—Wolf Like Me (TV on the Radio Cover)


Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio cover) - Lera Lynn

Coeur De Pirate

—You Know I'm No Good

BBC Music is delighted to share with you this extraordinary version of the Beach Boys’ masterpiece, God Only Knows, to celebrate our love of music.

With the 80-piece BBC Concert Orchestra at its heart and 27 ridiculously talented musicians from a wide range of genres, this “impossible orchestra” represents the talent, diversity and musical passion found every single day throughout the BBC.

Buy the charity single. This single is also in aid of this year’s BBC Children in Need campaign. Find out how you can buy a copy here.

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Sufjan Stevens Renames Kitchen Appliances


Perishables! Come Congregate in the Cold!

Little Hot Waves, Or, Let’s Get Brain Cancer While We Wait For The Popcorn

Mix Your Drinks! (Stir! Whip! Purée!)

A Configuration of Whisks Which, When Activated, Allow Sufjan Stevens to Cook a Fluffier Omelette

Toaster (For the Toastless)


Taylor performed an incredible cover of Vance Joy’s ”Riptide” on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge! 

- Taylor Nation

Demonstrators Interrupt Symphony Singing A 'Requiem for Mike Brown' (VIDEO) →


Demonstrators Interrupt Symphony Singing A ‘Requiem for Mike Brown’ (VIDEO)


On October, 4th a group of demonstrators performed an act of civil disobedience in honor of Mike Brown. The result is haunting.

The video description for a video posted on YouTube reads,

“Just after intermission,…


"These Days (Live)" // Jackson Browne


Laura Marling

—Narrow Road (KCSN session)


Laura Marling | Narrow Road (KCSN session)

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